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RAUTITAN The Flexible cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) system with Unique REHAU compression sleeve jointing technology 100% leak-proof joint for Hot and Cold water applications. 

THE RAUTITAN PIPE includes a single PN20 pipe system for both hot and cold water, which has been exposed in long-term tests at extreme temperature and pressure conditions to confirm its lifespan of over 50 years even for hot water application.

THE RAUTITUN FITTING the unique REHAU compression sleeve jointing technology making a 100% leak-proof joint has never been this easy in just two simple steps! More than 30% faster.


RAUFUSION Polypropylene Random-copolymer (PP-R) system with Homogeneous jointing technology for plumbing applications to DIN 8077/78 and ISO 15874

THE RAUFUSION PIPE  is clearly marked out with 3 distict stripes, each representing a different PN10/PN16/PN20. This allows for easy identification at the jobsite for both installation and inspection purposes.

THE RAUFUSION FITTING is Homogeneous joint socket fusion. The result of the socket fusion process is a permanent homogeneous joint that requires no O-ring or solvent to seal and gives great pressure resistance. This is a unique safety feature through engineered design.



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