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Wall Mount Energy Recovery Ventilator

Delta Fresh Air Systems Bring Nature to Your Home

  • High Efficiency DC Motor
  • Multiple Safety Protection
  • Silence Operation
  • Three Years Warranty

Indoor Air Circulation & Purification
Double Filtration Double Protection PM 2.5 purification of 98%

Primary Filter : Filter large particles, i.e. dust, hair etc                      

HEPA filter : Filter PM 2.5, pollen, fine dust, dust mite etc.


Ceiling Mount Energy Recovery Ventilator

Delta Energy Recovery Ventilator

  • Multiple High Efficiency Filters
  • Thinning Case for Easy Installation
  • Constant Airflow Technology
  • Energy-saving and Quiet
  • Three Years Warranty

 Filter air for three protection purification efficiency

  •  PM2.5 purification of HEPA Filter is over 97%

High Efficiency DC Brushless

  • Brushless Motor: Permanent Magnet Motor


Fresh Air Supply Fan

    Delta’s high-performance fresh air system products reform traditional fresh air purification technology, and have achieved major breakthroughs in PM2.5 purifications, silence, and stable power control technology. The Delta Fresh Air System can filter and purify the outdoor air with high oxygen content and send it indoors.
  • High Efficiency DC Motor
  • Double High Efficiency Filters
  • Easy Installation
  • Constant Airflow Technology
  • Energy-saving and Quiet
  • 5 Years Warranty
Ceiling Ventilation Fans
Delta Ventilation Fans are Powerful, Durable, Quiet and Efficient
Leveraged more-than-25-year experience of innovation and quality assurance, the DC brushless motor technology inside every Delta ventilation fanis why our products continue setting new industry standard for high energy-efficient performance.

● Rigorously tested to achieve minimum noise
● Equipped with soft start and lock protection functions
● Engineered to run continuously for 70,000 hours
● 5 Year warranty

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