Floor cooling System

Modern technology for every type of building.

Valsir delivers a series of packages that meet all the possible system requirements inside civil and industrial buildings and for the elimination of snow and ice from outdoor areas.

The use of a heat transfer fluid at low temperatures and the particular stratification of the heat in the room results in significant energy savings both in the heating and cooling mode.

The components of the Valsir radiant systems are made to high quality standards and in respect for the product and design standards of radiant systems.

The most effective way to optimize thermal comfort and energy use. 
Typically designed in conjunction with radiant heating, radiant cooling works by circulating cooled water through the same network of pipes where warm water circulates during winter. The cooled surfaces evenly absorb heat energy to create perfect comfort using little energy.

Suited to Many Climate Regions
Early on, radiant cooling was best suited for arid regions, however, advances in system design and control capabilities have led to successful installations in various climate zones.

A Crucial Strategy for Maximum Efficiency
Hydronic radiant heating and cooling is used in 50% of net-zero energy buildings. It’s a cost-effective way to downsize forced-air HVAC systems, cutting energy use yet enhancing comfort. Our experts can help you at every step from design and specification to on-site installation support.

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