Waste System and Drainage

1. Valsir – Triplus

The evolution of push-fit soundproof waste systems.

The Triplus® pipes are in fact made up of three layers of material, which, when joined, result in a system with extremely good mechanical characteristics, even at low temperatures, and an excellent soundproofing performance.

Triplus® is a push-fit system that includes triple layer pipes, fittings and accessories, industrialized, produced and patented by Valsir, that guarantees the levels of low noise emissions of waste systems required by the regulations, laws and standards in force.

Characteristics of excellence
2. Valsir – PP3

The new noise-dampering technology of push-fit waste systems.
Valsir PP3® is a waste system made up of pipes, fittings and accessories for the construction of waste and rainwater drainage systems.

Valsir PP3® is an extremely light system and thanks to the push-fit socket with hydraulic seal it represents the most simple solution for the construction of waste and drainage systems.

Valsir PP3® is manufactured to European Standard EN 1451 and can be used for waste systems at low and high temperatures, ventilation systems for waste networks and for rainwater drainage systems inside buildings for civil and industrial use, hospitals and hotels.

The wide range of pipes, fittings and accessories allow the entire waste network to be made, from the branches to sanitary appliances to the stacks and waste manifolds.

Light weight, simplicity and reliability

3. Valsir – Blackfire

Fire resistant push-fit waste system
Valsir Blackfire® is a drainage system made of pipes, fittings and accessories, perfect for drainage systems and conventional rainwater drainage systems.

Blackfire®, just like any other Valsir drainage system, is a push-fit system distinguished by a quick and easy installation. Moreover, Valsir Blackfire® allows to reach good results in terms of acoustic comfort and in terms of fire resistance (B1 according to the norm DIN 4102).

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