PEX piping or cross-linked polyethylene is a type of flexible piping that has been gaining popularity recently. As an alternative to copper and galvanized piping, PEX synthetic piping is a favorite among DIY and in new construction projects. PEX Cross-linked polyethylene was invented in the late 1960s and started appearing in homes and new construction in the U.S. in the ’80s and ’90s. First used for radiant floor heating, and we used for hot and cold water plumbing systems. PEX quickly became popular due to its price, performance, and flexibility.

TABS is increasingly in popularity as developers and specifiers are looking at ways to heat and cool building efficiently. It has been extensively used on education, retail and commercial buildings. The UK projects where TABS have been used, are often BREEAM Excellent or Very Good or Passivhaus certified. TABS utilises the thermal mass of a building for building and cooling. 20mm PE-Xa pipes are embedded in the concrete structure and joints can made in the concrete using the leakproof REHAU Everloc™ jointing system. It can reduce the demand for air-conditioning which can save up to 30% on the capital costs but up to 50% on the operating costs. This is why it is being specified across the UK on energy efficient projects looking for a low carbon cooling option.

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